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SmilePay - Vend with a smile

As part of a promotional campaign for a popular beverage brand, we designed a vending machine that allowed users to pay just with a Smile!



We were approached by our client to design an innovative promotional campaign for a newly launched beverage.

The campaign goal was to attract an audience, get people talking about the product and gain social media traction. Part of the campaign was to allow customers to go in the running to win a year’s supply of the newly launched product.


We designed an innovative vending machine application with Flutter for Android OS that allows users to pay for the beverage with just a Smile!

Not only that, the application captures the smile and gives the user an option to share it on social media to enter a lucky draw and win prizes.​


Real-time Face detection and Smile classification

We used Deep learning and computer vision models optimized for mobile devices to detect people in a frame, if they are close enough, we check if they are smiling and capture an image.

Offline Image Segmentation on mobile device

We used state-of-the-art image segmentation models optimized for edge devices to replace the person’s background with beautiful scenery reflective of the location the vending machine is placed in.

React Web App

A QR code generated by the app on vending machine directed users to a web page where they can view, save their photos, and also share them on social media to enter a lucky draw.

Tools & Technologies

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