Services We Offer

Optical Character Recognition

Digitizing data in 150+ languages utilizing industry-standard solutions accurately and efficiently from structured and unstructured sources as well in seconds.

ID cards/Passport

Driving Licenses

Credit/Debit Cards
Bank Cheques
Tax Documents
Handwritten Documents
Paper Invoices
Legal Filings
And Much More
Data Extraction

We can fully automate the data entry process for you by extracting the information you need, from huge piles of documents.

Data Analysis

We can also reduce the manual effort of analysts up to 70%, by implementing an OCR solution for you that can cluster documents with similar content.

Documents Recovery

We can pass your damaged documents from a bunch of NLP algorithms and re-generate the text for you similar to the text that was originally written on it.

Text Translation

After scanning your documents using robust OCR techniques, we can create copies of your documents in 150+ languages.

Video Analytics

Generating real-time statistics along with actionable insights by performing temporal and spatial processing on raw videos of your security cams.

Detection & Tracking

Creating Robust Intelligent Systems for you that will take care of all your custom detections along with tracking the detected objects as they move around in a video.

NLP & Data Analytics

Helping you make sense of all the structured (tabular) and unstructured (text) data and to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

NLP & Data Analytics for Chatbots

We can help you simulate repetitive conversations with your customers as if they were communicating with a real person, by providing you with a customized chatbot trained on your past conversations.

search engine optimization with cute robot
Sentiment Analysis

We can help you automate monitoring your customer sentiments over time, and produce summarized feedback by understanding customers’ needs, which will ultimately help you improve your products.

Product Recommendation

We can design a Recommendation System for your business that will recommend just the right products to your customers based on the past data of your site.

Building AI-Powered Apps
(Mobile | Web | Desktop)

We always make sure to deliver scalable, efficient, responsive, and elegant applications to our clients.

Web Apps
Mobile Apps
Desktop Apps

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