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Real-Time Covid testing Kit Detection and result extraction Application

We created a mobile application that can scan a Covid test kit and extract the test results in real-time. We completed the MVP in React for our clients and the app is being developed for consumers to let them automatically upload their results to a Cloud database and get recommendations for the next steps.



The rise of the Covid-19 pandemic forced many businesses to change their processes to help customers avail their services during the lockdown. One of such businesses, a leading laboratory that provides testing services, also wanted to provide people an express Covid PCR testing and anti-body, antigen testing.


It was important that the results were quick and accurate, and importantly very convenient to use. So we brainstormed some ideas and arrived at the conclusion that a web-based mobile application will be most convenient for the users.

This introduced some challenges, but our engineering team designed a robust solution that allowed users to scan their test kit and upload it in one click.​


Real-time detection of Covid Rapid Antigen test Kit on Web

We used Deep learning and computer vision to identify the kit in a noisy environment. We used Blur detection to make sure the captured image was not blurry. This step involved advanced data augmentation to deal with the limited dataset available. 

Automatic Antigen Test analysis

The next step was to analyze the test result using computer vision, image processing, and OCR. This effectively determined the values for the “C” and “T” variables on the kit.

Real-time QR Code Scan

A QR code printed on each test kit was required to be detected and read. This was done in real-time following the test kit detection and analysis. 

Tools & Technologies

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