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Therapy for Arthritis pain relief: Adjustable Finger Extension Filter

People all over the world suffer from arthritis, a medical condition characterized by pain and stiffness in the joints. The pain caused by this may not be easily relievable by conventional methods. 

An R&D team backed by NIH (National Institute of Health) US contacted us and asked if we could help them with a new and innovative approach that leveraged Computer Vison to help the patients.



Arthritis, which is the swelling and tenderness of one or more joints, is a common problem faced by the elderly, and oftentimes difficult to treat and/or manage. Researchers are looking into unconventional methods that are non-invasive, and easy to perform, often assisted by recent developments in AI technology.


There is ongoing research into computer-assisted therapy for arthritis patients, one such treatment revolves around visual stimuli provided by stretching one’s fingers, provoking some sort of ‘phantom relief’ sensation. The research team asked us to use computer vision to create such an AR filter that could do that. We then implemented their ideas into a working product by applying a range of expertise in vision deep learning, image processing and then optimized the final algorithm to work on mobile.

The end result was a mobile application that could artificially stretch and widen the fingers of the patients in real time with realistic effects, this achieved the objective the researchers were looking for.


Cross platform Real-time hand detection and pose estimation

The finger extension effect we were looking for required an accurate and real-time tracking for fingers of both hands, that too on both desktop and mobile application. The end product managed to achieved high FPS on mobile devices.

Realistic Finger length and width extension

Another crucial factor deciding the success of the product was the realism of the finger extension result, that too in real-time. This was managed by a highly optimized image processing pipeline that stretched the fingers while maintaining realism. 

Customization User interface

The application had complete customization interface that allowed the users to easily modify the functionality for a more personalized experience.  For example, one can control the stretch factor for for length and width of the fingers.

Tools & Technologies

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