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Gaming  Entertainment

Multi-player video Game Competition Analysis

We built a web application for an E-Sports Training Company that allowed competitive gamers to generate real-time statistics and insights to help them improve their gameplay strategy.

Gaming  Entertainment


Competitive Gaming is getting more popular by the day and the players need to maintain an edge over their opponents. Live gaming events can be extremely time sensitive and the players do not always have an opportunity to devise strategy effectively and at the required Pace.

An automated system could prove very useful in analyzing the game, identifying the key events, and tracking the player moves to devise a winning strategy.​


We developed a Web Application that used object detection, text detection, and Deep Learning based OCR to identify key events for the game. ​

The webpage provided a convenient-to-use interface that allowed users to start analyzing a game with one click.


Character Recognition

The application recognizes the character that the player and their opponent have chosen from the 30+ characters list and generates tips and tricks for the player (like playing offensive/defensive) based on the character’s abilities.

Player Name Identification

The application automatically creates a profile of the player by identifying their name from the game using OCR.

Event Detection

Round Start/End Detection: The application detects the exact time whenever a round has started or ended .

Winner/Loser Recognition: The application recognizes the winner/loser of each round and generates insights accordingly.

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