We turn your Ideas & Data into Profitable AI Apps & Solutions

We turn your Ideas & Data into Profitable AI Apps & Solutions

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How We Work

Services We Can Help You With.

Video Analytics

Giving you real-time statistics and providing actionable insights from your raw video camera feeds.

NLP & Data Analytics

We help you make sense of all the text, tabular or numeric data and help you find exactly what you’re looking for

Detection and Analytics

Creating Robust Intelligent systems that take care of all your custom detection and tracking needs.


Digitizing OCR data from anywhere in seconds, IDs, receipts, docs, pdfs & more

Building AI Apps

We take your passionate idea and turn it into a refined AI application for mobile, web, or desktop.

Our Case Studies

Smile to Pay

As part of a promotional campaign for a popular beverage brand, we designed a vending machine

Real-Time Covid testing Kit Detection

We created a mobile application that can scan a Covid test kit and extract the test results

Automated Video Game Analysis

We built a web application for an E-Sports Training Company that allowed competitive gamers

Industries We Serve

Process Flow

At Bleed AI Solutions we employ a dynamic workflow to handle our clients in the best possible manner, here’s what usually happens when you come to us.

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About Us

Bleed AI Solutions is all about helping passionate founders and entrepreneurs build their dream, we don’t just want to build your product the way you envision it, but we also take into account the market competition, your business goals, and objectives. We’re all about producing real-world value, not just another product.

We partner with you when we truly believe what you’re building will make an impact. We leverage the most cutting AI tools and technologies to build your solution.

Success to us is not when the product development is completed or deployed but rather when the product generates business value for you.

When you select us to be your development partners, you’re in good hands, since our team is not only acquainted with cutting-edge industrial approaches but we also have authority in publishing top-notch computer vision and deep learning content (Articles, courses, guides, etc) for developers and researchers at our website BleedAI.com So at Bleed AI Solutions we bring the brains from Academia (Edtech) & Industry to brainstorm the ideal solution that fits your timeline, goals, and budget.

Let’s have a chat, and see if we can help you Out!

Contact Information

Email:  taha@bleedai.com
Address Line 1: 1309 Coffeen Avenue Ste 1200 Sheridan WY 82801, USA
Address Line 2: Block 2 PECHS, Karachi, Pakistan

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