Money On Autopilot with OCR

Imagine Making thousands of dollars 💸 in Autopilot with simple OCR, that’s exactly what we did for our Clients.
Marathons, happen all over the world and often attract thousands of contestants. It is important that each player is valued for their efforts and part of it is to capture their photos that act as a memento for the event. After the race these runners are interested in purchasing these images and posting on their social feeds. But how do you go about sorting between tens of thousands of images to track down snapshots for each runner?


A Digital agency came to us, this agency used to sell images of marathon runners to them after the race. The problem was when the race ended the runners wanted to get their hands on the images captured so they can save them as a memento or post them on social media to share their achievement. But the photographers in the agency had to sort through thousands of images before they can send them to the runners. This was a laborious process that took forever and resulted in the loss of potential customers and business. The agency wanted to get rid of the manual labor and automate this and they knew it required AI so they came to us.


We designed an OCR pipeline and a sorting logic and we were able to create a system that takes an entire folder of images (even from different cameras) as input, and creates a database of each individual runner for a quick search and retrieval. This means that as soon as the event ends, players can ask for their images, we can locate them (using bib number) and send them an entire folder consisting of just their images right away, without having to do any manual work. The End result was that with this automation the agency achieved more business and it also reduced significant human labor. We can even go one step further and apply photoshop filters to create some cool effects on the image and apply cinematic effects

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Our innovative image recognition technology for marathons solved the challenge of sorting through tens of thousands of photos to track down snapshots of each runner. By using advanced algorithms to recognize and categorize images, the system made it easy for runners to find and purchase their race photos. The project demonstrated the potential of technology to enhance the experience of participating in public events and highlighted the importance of providing personalized mementos to participants. The technology could be applied to other large-scale events, such as concerts and festivals, to improve the experience for attendees and provide them with lasting memories.


Since implementing the AI-based Resume Screening and Candidate Matching solution, our HR team has saved countless hours on manual resume processing. The platform's ability to quickly and accurately analyze resumes has allowed us to focus on engaging with the best candidates. It has truly revolutionized our recruitment process.
Jane Smith
HR Manager
The Chatbot Application for Customer Support has been a game-changer for our customer service team. The chatbot's ability to handle routine inquiries has significantly reduced the workload of our agents, allowing them to focus on more complex cases. Our customers are also delighted with the quick and accurate responses they...
John Doe
Customer Service Manager
The Legal Research Platform has become an indispensable tool for our law firm. Its ability to quickly analyze documents and extract key insights has made our case preparation more efficient and effective. We've also been able to expand our practice to new jurisdictions with the platform's multi-jurisdictional support.
Mary Johnson
The Automatic Generation of Marketing Campaigns and Ads solution has transformed our marketing efforts. Not only has it streamlined our campaign creation process, but it has also improved the quality and effectiveness of our ads. The integration of the Midjourney image generator has resulted in visually stunning and engaging creatives.
David Brown
Marketing Director
Our employees have greatly benefited from the Chatbot for Employee Assistance and HR Support. The chatbot's ability to quickly and accurately answer HR-related questions has improved employee satisfaction and reduced the burden on our HR department. It has truly become a valuable resource for our company.
Sarah Lee
Human Resources Director
As a fitness coach, the Personalized Fitness Plans and Workouts solution has been an invaluable tool for my clients. The AI-generated workout plans are tailored to their individual needs, preferences, and goals, resulting in highly effective and engaging training sessions. My clients have seen incredible results, and I couldn't be...
Mike Williams
Personal Trainer.
The Automated Legal Contract Drafting solution has made our contract drafting process faster and more accurate. The AI-generated contracts have not only saved us time but have also reduced the risk of human error. Our legal team can now focus on more strategic tasks, knowing that our contracts are in...
Patricia Johnson
General Counsel
Since implementing the AI-powered Social Media Management and Content Generation solution, our social media presence has seen a tremendous boost. The platform's ability to generate engaging content and manage our accounts has allowed our team to focus on other marketing efforts, resulting in improved overall performance and ROI.
Alice Kim
Social Media Manager
The Personalized Travel Recommendations and Itinerary Planning platform has been a lifesaver for our travel agency. It has helped us provide highly customized and tailored itineraries to our clients, resulting in increased satisfaction and repeat bookings. The integration of GPT-3 and real-time flight schedules has been a game-changer.
Tom James
Travel Agent
As a nutritionist, the Personalized Recipe Generation and Nutrition Analysis platform have been a valuable addition to my practice. The AI-generated recipes tailored to my client's dietary needs and preferences have not only helped them achieve their health goals but also made their meal planning enjoyable and stress-free.
Laura Wilson
Registered Dietitian.
Our customers absolutely love the AI-Powered Personal Shopping Assistant. It has dramatically improved their shopping experience by providing personalized recommendations and helping them find the perfect items. Our sales have seen a significant increase since implementing this solution, and we couldn't be more pleased with the results.
Emily Brown
Store Manager
The Automated Sales Email Generation and Lead Handling solution has been a game-changer for our sales team. The AI-generated emails have significantly improved our open and conversion rates, while the lead-handling capabilities have streamlined our sales process. Our team can now focus on closing deals rather than getting bogged down...
Mark Adams
Sales Manager.